Noah Webster Educational Foundation Presents
Parliamentary Procedure: The Minority Voice and Maintaining Order
In these lessons, Mary Loose DeViney delves into the importance of adhering to parliamentary procedures during school board meetings. She discusses employing Robert’s Rules of Orders, why parliamentary procedures play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of the minority, and how they prevent any one individual from controlling the direction of the board.

Our newly launched mini-course, Parliamentary Procedure: The Minority Voice and Maintaining Order, will guide you through parliamentary procedure for $29.99 (one-year access)!

In this course, we will discuss the role of parliamentary procedure for school board meetings.

Alternatively, purchase the entire Navigating Governance bundle, which includes this session plus over seven hours of information-packed seminars for $199.99.

Together we'll dive into the following questions: 

• What is a “main motion”?

• What can you do, as an individual, to help keep the meeting on track with the agenda?
• Where can you suggest efficiency changes in a respectful way in order to win other board members over to your side?

• Why is it important to know how other governing bodies in your community (for example, board of supervisors or city council) conduct their meetings?

"I want to thank you for your efforts in hosting an excellent summit this weekend. I found each session fruitful -- not often the case at these events! Moreover, I was thrilled to connect with others who care deeply about public education and are willing to fight to make it better. I came away feeling inspired and reinvigorated for my own campaign. Thank you for being fierce advocates for kids and parents. I'm blessed to know you. 
Meg B.
2023 School Board Summit Attendee

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"In the three years I've been a school board member, this is by far the most useful event I've attended."

2023 School Board Summit Attendee

Parliamentary Procedure: The Minority Voice and Maintaining Order$29.99

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