Noah Webster Educational Foundation Presents
Oversight of Sexual Content in Curriculum and School Libraries
Are the children in your district being exposed to explicit content in their classrooms and school libraries? Here you'll discover the tools you need to find out and put a stop to it.

Our newly launched mini-course, Oversight of Sexual Content in Curriculum and School Libraries, is now available for $29.99 (one-year access)!

This course will give an overview of some of the explicit books that can be found in schools and help you understand how libraries choose their materials and curate collections. You’ll also be equipped with tools—such as sample policies and a working knowledge of the law—to enable you to take preventative action in your own school district.

Alternatively, purchase the entire Navigating Governance bundle, which includes this session plus over seven hours of information-packed seminars for $199.99.

Together we'll dive into the following questions: 

• How can you begin challenging your school libraries? Both conservatives and liberals are concerned about sexual content in books.

• How can you reach across political lines on your school board to rally support for your fight against explicit books?
• Why is sexually explicit materials in school libraries not a censorship issue?

• How would you define “educational significance” and “age-appropriate”?

"I want to thank you for your efforts in hosting an excellent summit this weekend. I found each session fruitful -- not often the case at these events! Moreover, I was thrilled to connect with others who care deeply about public education and are willing to fight to make it better. I came away feeling inspired and reinvigorated for my own campaign. Thank you for being fierce advocates for kids and parents. I'm blessed to know you. 
Meg B.
2023 School Board Summit Attendee

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"In the three years I've been a school board member, this is by far the most useful event I've attended."

2023 School Board Summit Attendee

Oversight of Sexual Content in Curriculum and School Libraries$29.99

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