Noah Webster Educational Foundation Presents
Using Data from Virginia’s SOL Assessments
How well is your school district doing? Are kids learning? Are achievement gaps improving or are the numbers disguising an underlying problem?

In this mini-course, former school superintendent Dr. Deborah Wahlstrom will walk you through key data that you'll want to carefully examine in your school district. Using Virginia's standardized test data, she demonstrates how to break down data to get to the root of learning gains and losses. 

Dr. Wahlstrom explores six custom data reports designed to transform Standards of Learning (SOL) data into a tool that drives student achievement, gives you practical examples of how you can utilize this information effectively, and teaches you how to apply these concepts to any achievement data you use in your school division.

Purchase the entire Navigating Governance bundle, which includes this session plus over seven hours of information-packed seminars for $199.99.

Together we'll dive into the following questions: 

• What are the two most important content areas covered by SOL tests?

• What is Learning For All?

• How can you use the data from your school division to help schools strive toward student competency?

• How was your data affected by the pandemic?

"I want to thank you for your efforts in hosting an excellent summit this weekend. I found each session fruitful -- not often the case at these events! Moreover, I was thrilled to connect with others who care deeply about public education and are willing to fight to make it better. I came away feeling inspired and reinvigorated for my own campaign. Thank you for being fierce advocates for kids and parents. I'm blessed to know you. 
Meg B.
2023 School Board Summit Attendee

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"In the three years I've been a school board member, this is by far the most useful event I've attended."

2023 School Board Summit Attendee

Using Data from Virginia’s SOL Assessments$29.99

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