Noah Webster Educational Foundation Presents
Virginia FOIA Rulings that Impact Your Board
What is FOIA? How does a school board member know what situations are FOIA-exempt? In this course, we'll learn how FOIA applies to school boards and school districts, how to avoid violations, and provide you with the real-life skills you need to effectively apply FOIA in your own district effectively. 

Our newly launched mini-course, Virginia FOIA Rulings that Impact Your Board, answers all this and more for $29.99 (one-year access)!

In 3 bite-sized lessons, you'll discover Virginia FOIA Rulings that Impact Your Board. Your presenters, Sherri Story, Dr. Deborah Wahlstrom, Megan Rhyne, and Katie Lemon offer valuable insights for anyone wanting to learn about FOIA.

Alternatively, purchase the entire Navigating Governance bundle, which includes this session plus over seven hours of information-packed seminars for $199.99.

Together we'll discover... 

• In what ways do school board superintendents and attorneys try to skirt FOIA issues on the board and in court? 
•  What are the three requirements for going into a closed session?
• In an online world, how can your school board make sure all online activity—such as texts, emails, and social media—is subject to FOIA? 
• What are some of the chronic problems with FOIA law and how can school board members continue to improve those situations?

"I want to thank you for your efforts in hosting an excellent summit this weekend. I found each session fruitful -- not often the case at these events! Moreover, I was thrilled to connect with others who care deeply about public education and are willing to fight to make it better. I came away feeling inspired and reinvigorated for my own campaign. Thank you for being fierce advocates for kids and parents. I'm blessed to know you. 
Meg B.
2023 School Board Summit Attendee

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"In the three years I've been a school board member, this is by far the most useful event I've attended."

2023 School Board Summit Attendee

Virginia FOIA Rulings that Impact Your Board$29.99

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