In this course you'll receive three power-packed lessons presented by renowned professionals who are truly aware of the mental health crisis the youth in our nation face.

It was adapted from ourJanuary2024 School Board Summit in Virginia. At its creation it was intended for school board members, but we believe it can be beneficial to anyone who is responsible for a member of America's youth.

Lesson One: The current state of the Youth Mental Health Crisis - How did we get here? 
In this lesson, you'll learn about the state of the youth mental health crisis, how loneliness, boredom, and bullying affect mental health, and how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) impacts the situation.
Dr. Brian Kelley Ph.D.
Liberty University 

Lesson Two: Digital Addiction & Mental Health
In this lesson you'll gain better insight into the reality of how screens affect the mental health of our school age population, ways to better help our children overcome these affects, and the growing importance of being aware of the harmful effects of digital addiction.
Brad Huddleston
Researcher & Author

Lesson Three: Trauma - Informed Learned
In this final lesson you will learn more about trauma and how it affects the developing brains of our nation’s youth, the alarming amount of children who have experienced trauma, and ways to come alongside these young people to provide a more productive learning environment.
Dr. Shannae Anderson
Monarch Recovery
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